3 Ways to Decorate with Style

We all want our homes to be stylish. Yet, most of us aren't interior designers. We are everyday people and likely families that want a stylish home that doesn't break the bank. How can you achieve that? Here is three ways you can decorate with style that will always work. 



Texture is a great way to decorate with any style. It can be something soft, smooth, raised, and even rough. When you look into a room, texture can be in the form of a shiplap wall, a braided pom pom throw, or a woven basket. When you add layers of texture to a space, it adds style and personality. No matter the color of a room, texture gives a room warmth that makes the space feel cozy. 



Stylish Storage

Storage is essential for keeping things organized. Stylish storage not only adds texture to a space but allows you to keep things organized. It's like knocking two things out at once. Baskets, bins, and small unique containers are all great ways to decorate and organize with style. 


Bright Accents 

Accents don't have to break the bank or be overly bold. Materials like copper and brass can shine and be as pretty as a bold red or blue. So if you're not really into a ton of color, try items with gold and copper tones. This large copper round bowl can add a ton of style to your kitchen or living area. It will blend well with your decor, as is, as well as, will withstand any decor changes nicely. 



No matter your style and budget, if you add texture, choose stylish storage, and incorporate bright accents - you'll decorate a beautiful home with style. 


April 01, 2019 — Crystal Holliday

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